UK Global Talent Visa for Startup Founders: Interview with Kate Sukhanova

I recently hosted a live chat with one of my clients, Kate Sukhanova, a founder of Expordite. Kate booked a Discovery session and a Review package with me and was endorsed for the UK Global Talent Visa in June 2024.

I'm happy to have been a part of Kate's Global Talent Visa journey and excited to bring her story to your attention. I'm sure you will find it helpful if you are planning to apply for Tech Nation endorsement as a founder as well.

We talked about:
- why Kate chose to apply for UK Global Talent Visa
- what Kate found helpful about my Discovery Session
- what Kate found helpful about my Review Package
- how Kate built a strong case for this visa as a founder
- documents Kate submitted to qualify for the Tech Nation visa

Enjoy the chat:

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