UK Global Talent Visa Course

Welcome to UK Global Talent Visa Premium Course, your ultimate resource for getting endorsed on your own.

I received my endorsement back in 2022, without lawyers and consultants. This course will help you do the same.

It is the result of hundreds of hours of 1:1 coaching, with over 200 IT professionals over the last 1.5 years (you can find their testimonials on Trustpilot).

This course is for you if:

  • you already know you are eligible for the visa, but wish to prepare your application on your own
  • you work in digital technology, either in a business or technical role
This course will not help you determine whether you are eligible for the visa. If in doubt, book a discovery call before buying the course.

What's inside?

The course consists of 16 video lessons. Lessons vary from 6 up to 30 minutes in length. Each lesson has captions as well as a transcript.

Course plan:

Lesson 1 - The "why" of the UK Global Talent Visa

Lesson 2 - Documents & Criteria

Lesson 3 - Promise vs. Talent

Lesson 4 - Mandatory Criteria

Lesson 5 - Optional Criteria One (Innovation)

Lesson 6 - Optional Criteria Two (Outside of Work Contributions)

Lesson 7 - Optional Criteria Three (Contributions to Growth of a Business)

Lesson 8 - Optional Criteria Four (Academic)

Lesson 9 - Organizing Your Visa Prep Process

Lesson 10 - Choosing Experts

Lesson 11 - Letters of Recommendation

Lesson 12 - Reference Letters

Lesson 13 - CV

Lesson 14 - Personal Statement

Lesson 15 - Framework for Evidence Documents

Lesson 16 - Typical Mistakes to Avoid

UK Global Talent Visa Premium Course

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Disclaimer: I am not an immigration adviser or a solicitor. I am not associated in any way with Tech Nation. I provide coaching services only for Stage 1 (Endorsement) for the UK Global Talent Visa. For any immigration advice, please seek help of a registered immigration solicitor.I don't provide any guarantees of you being endorsed for this visa, I only do my absolute best to increase your chances in the endorsement process.