Hey friends.

I'm Nadia Zhuk. I'm an ex-journalist, a self-taught software engineer, a DevRel, a YouTuber, a book author and a speaker.

I'm also a UK Global Talent Visa Recipient and Coach based in London.

What I'm Up to Right Now:

  1. 🇬🇧 As a holistic UK Global Talent Visa coach, I help talented IT professionals increase their chances of being endorsed for the UK Global Talent Visa. Check out my visa packages as well as the reviews of my clients.
  2. 🎙️I'm a Developer Relations Engineer at Intercom. Until recently, I worked as a full-stack software engineer focused on building bots and automation with tools like Ruby on Rails and Ember.js. I now focus on improving the experience of developers building on top of Intercom's platform.
  3. 🎬 On my YouTube channel, I used talk about learning to code and building a career in tech, while wandering around London. I pivoted and now focus on the best UK Visa, aka the UK Global Talent Visa (Tech Nation Visa).
  4. 📖 I'm always hoping to sell more of my book "Crossing the Rubycon: How to Learn to Code and Build a Programming Career." This book not only has the best title ever, it is also universally loved by readers.
  5. 👩‍💻 I'm a Lead volunteer at Women Who Code London.
  6. ❤️ I'm a career mentor at Meet a Mentor.
  7. ✍🏽 I blog about immigration to the UK and building a career in tech.
  8. 🗣 I'm a public speaker and a podcast guest.

What else:

  • I don't travel, I immigrate: I have lived in ~5 countries, but I rarely travel unless I have to. Filling out applications for residencies or citizenships is my idea of fun.
  • Freedom is my top value in life.
  • I love London. Follow my Instagram to see why.
  • I've stayed at 25+ locations in London in my first year in London, and I don't plan to settle.
  • I used to read up to 100 books a year and publish a monthly reading list newsletter about the best books I read. If you also read books, let's be friends on goodreads.
  • I speak 5 languages and dabbled in learning 3 additional ones. I'm naturally gifted when it comes to languages.
If you want to do a collab with me or hire me, send an email to nadia@beetlehope.com