🇬🇧 Visa Review Package🇬🇧

When you purchase the review package:

  • I'll carefully review all your documents (up to 45 pages of documents) and come up with holistic and honest feedback on the strength of your case.
  • After you have applied my suggestions for improvement, I will review your documents once again, for the second time.
  • We'll have a video call where I will share detailed feedback on all the evidence pieces you have prepared
  • You'll also get to ask me any questions you might have about the application process
  • I'll suggest ways to improve your chances for success and will point out gaps I see in your evidence
  • Bonus: you will get a recording of our video call so that you don't have to worry about taking notes during the session
Old price: £2,500
New price: £2,300

What my clients are saying:

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If you want me to review your documents once again after you have applied my suggested changes, you can purchase an additional review add-on.

To purchase this package, email me nadia@beetlehope.com or DM me on LinkedIn and I will issue you an official invoice and forward payment information.

Disclaimer: I am not an immigration adviser or a solicitor. I am not associated in any way with Tech Nation. I provide coaching services only for Stage 1 (Endorsement) for the UK Global Talent Visa. For any immigration advice, please seek help of a registered immigration solicitor.‌ ‌I don't provide any guarantees of you being endorsed for this visa, I only do my absolute best to increase your chances in the endorsement process.