UK Global Talent Visa DIY Resources ❌💵

My controversial take as a Global Talent Visa coach is that some candidates don't need a visa coach or a fancy lawyer to prepare their case.

Do it yourself if:

  • your case is straightforward
  • you can spend a LOT of time after work and on weekends on research and preparation (it often feels like a second job)
  • you write well and know how to sell yourself

Don't use lack of money as an excuse.

Here are some of the best free (or super affordable) resources:

  1. UK Global Talent Visa Tutorial: 9 part video tutorial that will help you understand visa requirements and start working on your own case.
  2. UK Global Talent Visa Livestreams: interviews with successful visa recipients where they talk about which documents they used to get endorsed:

3. UK Global Talent Visa Guide (for software engineers):

UK Global Talent visa. Guide for software engineers who are mere mortals without a Nobel prize.
Hi there!🖐️ My name is Andrey G. I am a senior software engineer at Facebook from London, UK (learn more about who I am on my GitHub or on my website). I came to Great Britain on a Skilled Worker visa in 2021 and transferred to a Global Talent one in March 2022. Once I made that leap, I decided I w…
Note: this is an affiliate link for an excellent resource I can vouch for.

4.  UK Global Talent Visa Forum: useful for getting ideas of what documents you can use and also for reading about common rejection reasons. I'd advise against asking the volunteers on this forum to evaluate your chances for success. It's very hard to evaluate someone's chances without talking to them in detail. Plus, some volunteers there are toxic. Use the forum with caution.

5. "Global Talent TN UK: How To" Telegram Chat: a Russian-speaking telegram chat where people prepare documents for the visa on their own. You can ask questions and get them answered by friendly volunteers.

6. Michelle Hua YouTube Channel: Michelle is a rock star of visa coaching, and her channel has a lot of excellent information about the visa.

7. How to Get UK Global Talent Visa in 2023 - Free Webinar: my webinar on getting endorsed for the visa.

8. UK Global Talent Visa 2023 - Top Five Ways to Get Rejected: my webinar about some of the most common mistakes people make that cause their visa applications to be rejected.

Hope you find these resources helpful.

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