Tech Nation is no more... What now?

"Nadia, what do I do with my UK Global Talent Visa application now that we know Tech Nation is closing down on March 31?"

For now, nobody can give you an exact answer to this question. I'm not associated with Tech Nation or Home Office, so, just like all of us, I'm waiting patiently for further guidance from official bodies.

Just like you, I have no idea WHEN this guidance will come.

I can't make the decision for you, but I can share my thinking.

Here is what I recommend to my clients:

1. Don't panic. In any case, you will be fine. I'm convinced the immigration of talented professionals to the UK will continue, though there might be a period where things are up in the air and delays are possible. There will be a new endorsement body, perhaps new rules. These implementation details are irrelevant in the overall scheme of things.

2. Don't read forums or telegram chats. People are spreading gossip and misinformation there, and infecting each other with panic and learned helplessness. As a coach, I read the forums and chats to stay up-to-date with the latest visa endorsements and rejections. As a visa applicant, you only need to check out official sources of info. Don't waste time on this. Spend it on your application instead.

3. If you want to move to the UK by summer, finish preparing your documents ASAP and just apply. The only thing we know is that Tech Nation will shut down on March 31 and they are still accepting visa applications. That's it. There is no more information.

It's your window of opportunity.

There is risk in applying now, with documents that seem half-baked. There is also a risk in freezing in action and allowing panic to overwhelm you.

While you sit and wait for more info, people are staying up nights and finalizing their documents to apply within the next week or so.

What would I do if I was in your shoes? I would do EVERYTHING in my power to apply as soon as humanly possible. I've seen too many people waste immigration opportunities like this in the past and then bite their elbows.

It's your choice.

Making quick decisions is one of my super powers that has helped me on many occasions.

I hope you can make your decision quickly too.

Best of luck,