Let's appeal your rejection

Your application for UK Global Talent Visa endorsement got rejected?

That's not necessarily the end. And you are not alone.

A lot of people get rejected the first time they apply, especially if they prepare their case on their own, without a coach or a lawyer.

If you feel like the assessors made a mistake and you actually had a strong case for the visa, I'll be happy to help you overturn their decision.

What's included:

  • I'll review the rejection proforma you received from Tech Nation
  • I'll review all the documents you have submitted
  • We'll have a 30-minute call where we will discuss your options: appeal the decision, prepare a brand new application or consider a different visa route
  • If we decide to appeal, I will draft the appeal on your behalf to maximize the chances of you being endorsed for the visa

To purchase this new package, email me nadia@beetlehope.com or DM me on LinkedIn and I will issue you an official invoice and forward payment information.

Let's get that endorsement together 🚀