Webinar: How to get UK Global Talent Visa in 2023

Let's kick off the year on a high note.

On January 10th at 6p.m. GMT, I'll host a FREE webinar on the topic of moving to the UK in 2023 as a tech professional.

I'll cover:

  • main visa routes for relocation to the UK
  • why Global Talent Visa is the best UK visa
  • what the process of getting this visa looks like
  • what the requirements, timelines and costs are
  • how I got this visa from the first attempt, without lawyers (it's not that common)
  • how I can help you increase your chances of getting endorsed

We'll also have a Q&A session where I will answer your questions.

I normally don't give out free consultations, so don't miss this chance to get my expert advice.

P.S. I will email you all the details and the webinar link in a bit ❤️