UK Global Talent Visa for Developer Advocates

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Obinna Ekwuno, a Developer Advocate, a technical writer, a software engineer, an international speaker and a Global Talent Visa recipient.

I had a blast! First of all, I recently made the switch to being a DevRel and it was great chatting to someone with impressive experience in this field. Second, I couldn't find any information online about how someone working in Developer Relations / Developer advocacy / technical writing can qualify for the UK Global Talent Visa, so I was psyched to talk to someone with such unique experience.

Despite what you might hear or read elsewhere, you can use your technical writing experience to build a strong case for the Tech Nation visa, and Obinna explained just how he did that. He also shared the unique challenges he had when applying for the visa as a Developer Advocate and his experience of dealing with rejection the first time he applied for the endorsement.

Enjoy the interview.