UK Global Talent Visa Livestreams (November 2022)

For the past few months, I have been interviewing Global Talent Visa recipients on my Youtube channel. I ask them about their experience of getting endorsed for the UK Global Talent Visa visa, the documents they submitted, the challenges they faced and the insights they gathered along the way. It's actually a lot of fun.

You can view my past interviews here.

Lots of amazing tech professionals will be joining my YouTube livestreams in the next few weeks:

  • November 3rd: Ivan Volchenskov, a serial startup founder and an experienced product manager
  • November 10th: Oleg Gromov, an ex-Facebook Software Engineer and an entrepreneur
  • November 17th: Aisha Owolabi, a Senior Content Marketing Manager
  • November 14th: Happy Dudee, a Corporate Account Executive at MongoDB and an experienced Sales Professional
  • November 23rd: Obinna Ekwuno, a Developer Advocate and an international speaker

Make sure you mark your calendar for the events that seem relevant to you.

A lifestream is a unique chance to ask your questions and have them answered by someone who just went through the Tech Nation visa application process.

Which events are you planning to join?

If you'd like to be interviewed by me, hit me up on LinkedIn.