My client got UK Global Talent Visa: Tanya's story 🎉

I admire people who make quick decisions, who act on their dreams and who just go for it. Tanya Chernaya is one of such people, and I've been privileged to help her on her journey to the UK Global Talent Visa.

Tanya prepared her application in record time of just a few weeks and is now getting ready to move to the UK. In the meantime, I know people who have spent years thinking about relocating but are still not sure. They wonder whether they are good enough and whether they have what it takes.

What can I say? The world will continue moving, with or without you. I can't convince someone to take the first step, but I can certainly help those who have made the decision and just need support and coaching on this tricky journey.

Watch my recent chat with Tanya to learn and get inspired: