The year I became a visa coach

In 2022, I got fed up with being on a Skilled Worker Visa.

I knew the big tech layoffs were coming, and I didn't want them to affect me. I hated the idea of my weird and wonderful life in London being at the whim of my employer.

I also found the experience of being dependant on my employer stressful and, frankly speaking, a bit unnatural for a grown up person.

I was ready to do anything to become free.

And I did.

I spent months researching the Global Talent Visa. Forums, blog posts, Russian Telegram chats, YouTube videos, you name it. Every single free moment was spent on research and preparing the documents, or doing things to strengthen my application chances.

It felt lonely, stressful and exhausting. It didn't have to be that hard, but hey, I was trying to save money and not hire external help. I made a mistake of being arrogant and thinking I knew everything and I didn't need help. With hindsight, I really could have used some moral support and encouragement.

To my credit, I got endorsed for the visa from the first attempt.

I got my visa in July 2022, and started producing content about it, and interviewing successful Global Talent visa applicants. Almost immediately people started asking me to help them with their visa cases.

I made my first sale without having a landing page or a website, without a price or anything really, apart from my desire to help others succeed.

My marketing is all organic, and people already refer me to their friends, and successful endorsements are rolling in, and more will arrive in January and February.

Most of my clients love me, and who can blame them... I'm awesome and I know what I'm talking about. Also, I just enjoy doing it.

My clients work as heads of business departments at startups and big corporations, as software engineers and ML specialists, as product designers and QA engineers, as product managers and data analysts.

And I'm just getting started 😎

Let's make 2023 the year when your new life in the UK begins.

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