Global Talent Visa Interviews

In just four months, I hosted 19 livestreams with UK Global Talent Visa recipients:

This project started off with an interview with Andrey Goncharov, whose blog post helped me prepare my documents for Global Talent Visa and whose excellent guide is now helping many programmers do the same.

And then I kept going, driven by my strong intuition that this project is going to be game changing.

And it has been.

I've managed to interview some incredible people whom I might have never met otherwise, and now my channel has interviews with software engineers, product managers, digital marketers, product designers, startup founders, a communications professional, an engineering manager and a developer advocate.

Most of YouTube is junk, and I'm just so proud to be creating something of genuine value and something that is truly unique, as in "nobody has done it yet." It's a constantly growing knowledge base with that anyone can use to get inspired and prepare a Global Talent visa application on their own.

Thank you, my guests, for sharing your visa story with me and my followers, you will inspire thousands. None of this would be possible without you.

Happy New Year!