Do you need a lawyer to get the UK Global Talent Visa?

An honest answer is: it depends.

My controversial take as a Global Talent Visa coach is that a lot of applicants don't need a visa coach or a lawyer to prepare their case.

You can do it yourself if:
- your case is straightforward
- you can spend a LOT (months) of time after work and on weekends on research and prep (it almost feels like a second job)
- you write well and know how to sell yourself

You should consider seeking professional support if:
- you are not sure whether you qualify at all
- your case is complex and you aren't sure how to frame it
- you don't have time to do the research and write documents
- you don't know how to sell yourself and your achievements
- you want to increase your chances of being approved and can't risk a rejection (eg. you've been laid off and need a visa ASAP).

My clients hire me for all these reasons. They want to save time, reduce their own stress and lower the risk of rejection, and I'm happy to be of assistance, especially in these uncertain times. My services and their prices vary, based on client's needs and budget.

Here is Darya Luganskaya's take on whether you need a lawyer or not to get endorsed by Tech Nation:

What do you think?