Premium coaching

In this video, I explain what I mean by Premium coaching.

What's included:

  • 8-10 weeks my full support, I'll have your back every step of the way ❤️
  • We'll create a roadmap and a strategy for you to build a case for the visa.
  • We'll set milestones to ensure we hit the deadline.
  • We'll have one 30-min sync call per week.
  • I will respond to all your visa related questions within 24 hours
  • I help you draft your letters of recommendation. It's a collaborative process: you provide me with the "meat" of the letters (i.e. brief descriptions of you achievements along with metrics and impact), I suggest changes and edits, and together we create amazing letters that present your achievements in the best light possible.  As a former editor, I ensure the letter tells your story effectively and makes a strong impression. As a Global Talent Visa coach, I make sure your letters meet the requirements of Tech Nation.
  • I help you write a convincing, yet genuine personal statement.
  • I help you write a CV that fits the requirements of Tech Nation (no, you probably can't just use the CV you already have).
  • I help you prepare all the other supporting evidence pieces (up to 10 documents).
  • I review all the documents before you submit them, to make sure you are not missing anything (this is up to 45 pages of documents).
  • Bonus: I can help you submit your documents on Tech Nation website. It's a relatively tricky process that is not documented anywhere.
  • Bonus: I will help you write an appeal in case your application gets rejected. The cost of writing the appeal is included in the coaching package cost.

This visa process is ... intense. Some people breeze through it. Good for them. I struggled and felt overwhelmed when preparing my documents.

Most importantly though. I felt alone.

If I'm your coach, you won't feel alone in this. It's a brutal journey, and you don't have to do it alone.

If you feel like working with me, get in touch. I love working with brilliant and ambitious people like you.

What my clients are saying:

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If you are interested in this package, email me or DM me on LinkedIn and I will issue you an official invoice and forward payment information.

Disclaimer: I am not an immigration adviser or a solicitor. I am not associated in any way with Tech Nation. I provide coaching services only for Stage 1 (Endorsement) for the UK Global Talent Visa. For any immigration advice, please seek help of a registered immigration solicitor.‌ ‌I don't provide any guarantees of you being endorsed for this visa, I only do my absolute best to increase your chances in the endorsement process.