Do It Yourself (For Coders)

My controversial take as a Global Talent Visa coach is that a lot of software engineers don't need a visa coach or a fancy lawyer to prepare their case.

Do it yourself if:

  • your case is straightforward
  • you can spend a LOT (months) of time after work and on weekends on research and prep (it almost feels like a second job)
  • you write well and know how to sell yourself

Don't use lack of money as an excuse.

I have released a FREE nine part tutorial about on all of the criteria you need to meet to qualify for the Global Talent Visa:

I also interview UK Global Talent Visa recipients on weekly livestreams, and you get to ask them questions:

You can also use an affordable resource like this guide to prepare your documents yourself:

UK Global Talent visa. Guide for software engineers who are mere mortals without a Nobel prize.
Hi there!🖐️ My name is Andrey G. I am a senior software engineer at Facebook from London, UK (learn more about who I am on my GitHub or on my website). I came to Great Britain on a Skilled Worker visa in 2021 and transferred to a Global Talent one in March 2022. Once I made that leap, I decided I w…
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